Various Things You Could Decorate Using What’s Readily Available In Your Surrounding

When boredom strikes and you are clueless as to what to engage in, crafting could be the best activity to make you feel that you have put your skills to good use. It is actually a very low budgeted and fulfilling exercise to make use of the material that is ideally meant to be thrown away. To twist them around and decorate something which could never have been even thought of in the first place, takes some amount of imagination and creative exploration. This is also a habit that could be easily taught to children. It will encourage them to think beyond the box and will make them realize that you can make the most of everything.

Multi-coloured buttons for hair clips, Alice-bands and flip flops

This is a very useful decorative method using buttons that are tossing around unnoticed. You could use a jar to put them in, every time you find one. They need not be of the same kind; the more dissimilar the better. So there’s no need to go looking for identical pairs. After you collect a considerable amount you should be able find certain similarities in colour and size. With the aid of an adhesive you could paste them on to hair clips and let them dry for a while and pin them to your hair. If you have flip flops that look a bit overused you could stick the buttons on the straps to give it a new look. You could add some glitter on the buttons for a sparkly effect and look for reputed company.

Covering clay vases with patches of clothes

The pieces of clothes that are left out when sewing can be utilized as decorative material for vases. Patches of clothes that are not being used can be pasted on to the vase in the form of a collage. Or else, tightly pasting rounds of cotton rope up to the brim is also an effective method.

The cotton rope will protect the vase from possible breakage when fallen on a rough surface. They come in many patterns and colours. If need be, you could spray a colour too.

Colouring pebbles

This is also a very easy and a stress free activity. You are your own master, so you could pick some pebbles of various shapes and sizes and paint them according to your liking. It would look much nicer if you could use more rounded and smooth pebbles for this purpose, but any kind is fine to showcase your decorative and painting skills.