Turning The Old Kitchen Into The Modern Version

The kitchen is one of the happiest places in the house. But it also tends to be one of the most ignored ones when it comes to adding new things to it. We do not tend to redecorate the kitchen unless something breaks down. This is mostly due to the kitchen being a comfort zone and none of us wanting to change it into something new. But instead, there should be new things added to the kitchen to take care of the small necessities and annoyances that always pop up and you forget to fix. In the recent years, cooking has become one of the more competitive areas of life (although it was like that before as well) with online recipes and new synthetic ingredients.  So in order to add a little whimsy and high tech into the kitchen, consider these.

Lochness monster soup spoon

The soup spoon is one of the largest spoons we have in the house, and some of them do not actually work properly (in most cases). But handling the soup spoon is hard and keeping the separated properly while being used is even harder. This ‘Nessie soup ladle’ is a cute take on the fabled loch ness monster with four tiny feet to hold the ladle upright when placed on a surface. It comes in various colours and is made of plastic and would be a colourful addition to a family dinner. You won’t need the aid of new home builders for this addition to the house.

Custom engraved rolling pins

If you want your pastries to come out with a pattern, then try this rolling pin. Instead of slaving away cutting out patterns in the dough, this rolling pin will create the patterns for you on the dough. So after rolling you just have to bake the dough without needing the hours of patterning. There are different custom engraved already created or you can even request one yourself. For getting the custom prints done, ask your luxury home builders Brisbane

Shark fin tea infuser

If you have glass tea cups, then this little gadget will give your guests a show while making tea. It comes in the shape of a shark fin with a tiny basket attached to the bottom where you can put your favorite tea leaves or tea bag. Then add this tiny shark fin onto hot water in the tea cup, and watch it swim around infusing the water with dark coloured tea. When using black tea, this effect is really amazing. There are plethora of other new inventions created for the sole sake of those tie away at the stove every day. There are the quintuple bladed herb scissors which will cut down your herb cutting time by four folds, magic wand salt and pepper shakers, boogey yolk separator and others. You can purchase most of these at eBay. To know more about home builders Gold Coast, visit http://www.goldcoastluxuryhomebuilders.com.au/