Tips On Designing A Small Bathroom

Living in an apartment that has a cheap rent usually comes with small rooms and bathrooms. In fact, the entire place may only fit about three people at max. But this doesn’t mean all hope is lost when it comes to designing the place to give out the cozy home sweet home vibe, even if it is for your bathroom. Many may think that a small bathroom is the worst, but in reality if you know how to up it with style, it may not even seem so bad at all. Here are a few tips you could use to try on your bathroom, especially if you have a small one.ensuite design

Extra storing space

Instead of going through with costly bathroom interior & reno, you could try out a couple other easy means of making space within your small bathroom. Got a small bathroom with no place to store your towels and other toiletries? No problem, try out the hack of creating open shelving with the use of floating shelves. Install these on the walls and paint them with bright colors to enhance the white feeling within the bathroom walls. You could also turn an old ladder into a toiletry holder adorned with colorful towels and accessories. You could also create invisible shelving hidden behind the sinks or camouflaged in the ground.

Added those with a purpose

In a small bathroom with or without a fancy ensuite design, it is essential that you add things that only have a purpose and not random rubbish. Especially giving it a lot of thought is important mainly because of the space concern here. Use the floating shelves to hold in essentials like cotton balls, sprays etc. that are necessary on a daily basis or are constantly used at some point or the other. Set up a hanging shelving made of fabric to hold other necessities that too are needed frequently. You could also use some wire baskets as well, those that could hold hand towels and such and are easy to be stacked one over the other. Make sure you make good use of the sink space as well, mainly to hold products that you actually use and not those that you feel the need to flaunt!

Fancy color

Color is an important element that is more than capable of making a room feel either too big, too small, too dark, too light or just right. In order to accomplish this, you must be able to understand the tones that ought to be used. You could go all neutral with somber colors or by simply using only white. But add an interesting touch to it by throwing in a random burst of pop colors that manage to stand out against the otherwise dull colors. This is sure to give the entire a place a livelier and modern feel to it.
Consider the above and design your small bathroom to look even better than any other room!