Staying Away From Wood In Your Home

One of the main reasons that we use wood in our daily lives is to build our homes and to make our furniture but every time we choose a wooden piece of furniture, a tree is cut down and we are contributing to deforestation. For this reason, it is important that you look for alternatives to wood when you are designing your home so that you will not have to contribute to deforestation but also so that you will have things that are different instead of the same old boring wooden furniture. Choosing stone and cement insteadOf the major trends that is hitting the interior design market in this day and age is cement and concrete in place of wood. If you look at some of the modern homes, you will see that many young people are opting for cement and concrete furniture that is built in to their homes. This will not only save a lot of money but it will also be great for the environment and it will last you many years unlike wood which will eventually degrade and need replacement. Another example, is that many people are choosing to have marble benchtops Perth in their kitchens and dining rooms to have their meals instead of traditional wooden dining tables. These are easy to clean and they are also durable. They can be used for dual purpose in the kitchen for chopping vegetables and also as a dining table whenever you have guests which is great.

You will need to look out for granite suppliers who can build this for you in your kitchen or dining room. If you have not built your home yet, you can even have your kitchen and dining room combined so that the bench top can serve both purposes and you will also save space.A cement bed can look very beautiful and although there is the draw back that you will never be able to change the position of your bed, it adds a very elegant look to your home and it will save you so much of money in having to buy separate furniture. Many hotels and guest houses in this day and age are choosing concrete and cement over wood because of the cost factor and also because it is versatile and durable. If you have concrete or cement furniture, you will never have to replace them for as long as your home stands which is great in comparison with wood which will need to be replaced over and over again. You can view more about these services here