Revitalize The Look of Your Bathroom With Effective Tips and Ideas


In case your shower stall or your bathtub is appearing old and dirty with time you would have definitely considered getting them replaced. However, with the cost of things increasing day by day, and tons of appealing remodeling ideas available, would you not consider renovating it?

By bathroom resurfacing your bathing area will have a great appeal however the best part is it will help to save hundreds of dollars too. As the term applies, resurfacing the restroom will help to revive your existing bathtub by removing layers from the surface and then applying fresh new coats to it.

One of the most traditional of ways for bathroom resurfacing in Melbourne is to gradually sand it down. And then you can get a fresh new coat applied over it and then it is all set. If you are not quite comfortable doing it yourself, it would always be advised to opt for a professional for this work, to attain the best of results.

In case you are ready to do the work yourself, you can get set with a resurfacing kit for the bathroom. You can also visit this site to know more about other renovation projects such as kitchen refacing.

• There are wide arrays of kits that are available in the market which come with diverse finish and paint types. However, using all of them would be more or less similar across the board; you need to be quite sure of selecting the one which will match with your house and overall requirements of your restroom section.

• You will need to ensure that the tub has been quite meticulously cleaned. If the kit comes with a cleaning solution you should use it. Bear in mind that the products that you get are professional grade stuff, which will remove resins and oils which might not be visible. Thus, you need to be extremely careful while doing this step.

• After this check properly that everything has dried and only then you should start. Wipe it down properly and dry it with a hair dryer, for best results.

• After this you would require to sand the bathtub down. There are sandpapers available of diverse kinds and grades. Yet for sinks and bathtubs there are many who agree 220 and 240 being the most appropriate. After the sanding step is over, appropriately rinse the loose grains with water. After this get the bathtub surface completely dried.

• Then make use of the primer reducer to get away with the old primer. Do apply it forcefully with the help of a sponge or a paper towel. After the old primer comes off, fill all the noticeable cracks with putty and let it dry for 30 minutes. Then get the new primer applied and let it dry for another 30 minutes.

• For the last step, make sure to apply the final coat of epoxy and let it dry for 48 hours. After this you can start using the bathtub again. For the last two steps, you should ensure that there is proper ventilation and the fumes tend to be quite dangerous if inhaled. Hence ensure to turn on the restroom vents or open the windows.