Motivational Strategies That Will Boost Team Morale


Everyone hears the terms ‘leadership qualities’ and ‘leadership skills’ being bandied about in the job market, and might even have confidently claimed to be a natural- born leader in an interview, but until you are actually put in charge of a team, you cannot say how you will handle being in charge of a group of people and having to motivate them every day. Different leaders use different methods every day (let’s not forget the chest- pumping daily battle cry that Wolf of Wall Street trotted out) and there are some tried and tested techniques that work
 very well. Read on to discover what they are:

Forget the Stick and Show them the Carrot

Human resources like to call this ‘R&R’ for Rewards and Recognition. There are two ways to do this. One, you can point out all the benefits they can have once the job is finished. For instance, if you work in an office that operates according to the work schedule, the faster your team works, the earlier they can get out of here. Two, you can talk about the benefits provided by the office for completing their work, such as target- oriented bonuses, rewards, promotions etc. The stick may work for a while, but eventually there’s only so much you can do before they either quit, or you fire them; the carrot on the other hand, motivates them to always do their best.

Spark a Little Friendly Competition

A little competitive spirit is just what the doctor ordered to get the teams going. Imagine that you supervise the day shift of a team of builders in Melbourne Northern Suburbs who needs to finish construction on a multi- unit that is now behind schedule. Just before the night shift comes in, write on the office blackboard the number of square feet of actual construction you did for the day.

Make sure the hired builders of the night shift notices it. By morning, they will have wiped it off, and chalked up the new number. This will go on until the building is finished – probably on record time.

Make Things Personal

In the best way possible, help your team make each job personal to them – and they will strive to do it well because it has meaning to them. If you have to motivate a bunch of jaded sales people every morning in a shop, remind them that any of the customers coming in could be looking for that one special dress, or shoes, or ring etc. and that they are the only ones who can help make the customer’s day special. When your team feels that they have a stake, even emotionally, in the business or service, they will do it better. Remember to point out that the business is a reflection of themselves, so a sloppy business…