Maintaining Your New Concrete Floor

floorsIf you don’t take care of your polished floor made out of concrete regularly, there is a chance that the lifetime might be cut short because of the outer polish falling into disrepair. Remember that even though you have a warranty on the floor, it will not apply if the reason for repairs being needed is that you have been neglecting the care of the floor. A big tip is to clean up any liquids that spill on the floor as fast as you can. While concrete is a lot more durable than a lot of other flooring options, you have to remember the material properties of the concrete. It is a porous material, meaning that it can and will absorb and liquid that spills onto it. This can cause stains over time that won’t be removable without professional help no matter how hard you try. Do Not Tape Anything to Your Floor If you are going to be using some sort of protective covering for your polished concrete floors Cairns make sure that you do not use tap to attach the cover to the flow.

The glue on the tape can seep into the concrete and damage it from the inside. If you are covering it think about some oriental style throw carpets and rugs. Their weight will keep them on the floor with no need to secure them with tape or anything of the sort. Also remember to get a dust mop and mop your floors regularly. Any dust that remains on the floor over time acts with the same effect that sandpaper has on varnished wooden furniture. If you are going to properly clean the floor, there are many cleaning agents out there that have been made specifically for cleaning this type of floor. Use it with water for the best results. Never Use Dirty Water with a Mop When you are using water to mop your polished concrete floors make sure you never use dirty water. It has to be clean, fresh water every time the mop goes back in the bucket. The stains from dirty water can be absorbed by the concrete and cause permanent staining on the floors in your home. If you are thinking about using a brush to scrub the floor clean, use one with soft bristles.  You may be tempted to use a hard bristle brush, especially because of the name concrete has for itself being one of the hardest building materials out there. While this is true, you need to think about how this will affect the polish on the floor.