How To Protect Your Windows From Strong Winds?

Countries where hurricanes are common find the storm having ravaged many homes in hits path, forcing many people to rebuild their homes, suffer losses and damages to property and even to lives of residents. For these reasons, it is necessary to take precautionary measures when it comes to living in hurricane prone areas. It has been found that homes have certain weak links that are exposed when such a storm hits. Windows being such a weak link, it is necessary to safeguard these openings and prepare for a storm before it arrives. Many people apply masking tape but that cannot hold against a strong hurricane. For these reasons, here are some tips to take up when you wish to safeguard your home and windows from being damaged every time a hircine blows through your town.

Use external covers

External covers or outdoor aluminium shutters will help to act as effective barriers against the wind that blows during hurricane storms. There are different kinds of shutters that are designed and some will prove more effective than others. You could install a design that comes with hand cranks on the inside and you could lock it in place from the inside of your home. For home insurance you might qualify for a deduction if you install such protective covers from before.

Glass to prevent impact

Today high impact glass panels can also work as outdoor aluminium shutters do as external covers for windows. Contrary to what people think, high impact glass are tempered glass that comes as window panes. These are again protected with plastic film. It helps to increase your chances to survive a hurricane and prevent damage from occurring to your home. The tempered glass panes will also help increase the aesthetic value of your homes.

Use of plywood

Plywood can also be used to secure windows in your home. They can help protect against storms. It is best to get the plywood panels done as per your window dimensions and put up before a storm. However, you would need to set up the boards and take them down when the storm is over which can be quite a task.

Find solutions from experts

If you live in a hurricane prone area it would be best to resort to advice from construction experts. There are contractors who can come in and examine the weak links in your home like walls, roof, windows and other areas. They will be able to advice you on the covers or panels you need which will help protect these openings and external surfaces from being damaged from storms. You can get to choose from different styles and covers which will not impair the aesthetic look of your home and protect your home at the same time.