How To Make Your Small Home Appear Larger With A Few Simple Tricks?

Large living spaces are a dream to many of us; especially those of us living in small quarters. But just because you’re dealt with a bad hand doesn’t mean you’re stuck with it forever. Here are a few effective tricks in order to make a small home appear larger and more spacious.

Use less things – the less things you have, the less cluttered it will be. This also inevitably helps in making your home appear larger than it is. Make sure to de-clutter whenever possible. Make it a habit to replace thins back to their rightful places so it doesn’t clutter up your home, making it appear smaller than it is.

Throw open the windows – sunlight is a great tool to make your home look bigger. If you live in a pollution/dust free area, learn to have your windows open whenever possible. Move any furniture that might obstruct sunlight streaming in through your windows. It’s also a great idea to cut off any tree branches that does the same from the outside.

Be smart about your lighting – installing a skylight or two for your home is a great way to stream in additional light, which will inevitably help you make your home appear larger than it is. If your home already has them, replacing them for newer ones will make a difference as well; especially if they’ve been around for a while. Visit for more skylight services offers.

Use light shade curtains – the skylight in Northern Rivers might have you pausing a moment. If it does, push it for another day and think of the more cost effective tricks; like your curtains. Thick curtains that take more space than they need to will not only make your home darker, but smaller as well. Try and have floor to ceiling drapes to add to the height of the room; tricking the eye to make it look bigger and more spacious.

Use glass mixed furniture – try to use only the necessary furniture in your small home. Like we mentioned before, the less cluttered a space is, the larger it appears. If possible, try to use glass mixed furniture; so it won’t appear hulking and space filling. This trick can be adopted for kitchen cabinets (transparent doors) and even bedside tables.

Swing towards the white shades and light shades for your walls and your floors – darker colors naturally make spaces look smaller than it actually is; especially rooms. If possible, try to get your floors in a light shade. This may not be possible for everyone, but using white or light shades for your walls are possible will definitely be more possible. This is one of the most affective method, and one of the most used method, when trying to make a space appear large and more spacious…