Hire Experts To Carry Out Re-Roofing Jobs

If there is a need to carry out repair jobs on roofs or to replace it altogether, you will need to find the best person to do it. As many people suggest, it is always a very good option to hire expert contractors to do the job and never hand over the job to a newbie entering into the business. He might be charging you a very low price, but there is no guarantee on the type of work that he would do.

Replace if necessary

There is no doubt that leaky roofs are a scary proposition. But, if it needs only a small repair job, then why should you waste your money and try to re-roof with slate roofing or other types. So, replacing it completely could be time consuming and very expensive. You should talk to the expert contractor on whether or not there is a need for a full replacement. Most of the reliable and reputable contractors will not suggest you to go for full replacement unless and until it is in bad shape. They will not force you to go for a replacement. Only non-experienced and money minded contractors will immediately suggest to go for replacement as they can make good money out of the job.

Evaluate it completely

There are a few things that you need to take into consideration to determine if the best slate roofing need replacement or just repair job. The leak and the development of stains and moss is the first thing that you need to look out for. If the leak is the only reason that is prompting you to go for full replacement, then you need to clarify certain issues regarding to leaking.

• Find out if there is one leak or the leaks are in various locations.

• Check if the same place is leaking over and over again.

• If there are nail rising, loose tiles and flashing fail seen, then you can understand that the roof needs a complete replacement. This suggests that you need to call the expert and seek his advice.

Seek estimates

Once replacement is the only option, you need to first get estimates from various contractors so that you can choose the best one for the job. You should do a thorough research on several popular companies in your area and get quotes from at least five top contractors. You can weigh the pros and cons of each of the quotes and shortlist three out of the five. You need to have one to one conversation with each of these three contractors and hand over the job of one who satisfies your needs and budget.


After all, it is the matter of protecting you and your family members from rain, sun, wind, storm and harsh winters and you cannot take a chance with your life and property.