Buy A House And Get Excellent Value For Money

Building inspection is performed by building inspectors. A building Inspector’s task is to make professional judgement whether a building meets building code requirements. They are qualified persons with certifications in one or more disciplines to make such judgements. They are being employed by governments. Building Inspectors often get additional functions during an earthquake, floods, and fire. After these natural disasters they are given the task of evaluating existing structures which have undergone physical damages due to earthquakes, floods, winds and fire.

Persons who inspect houses to assure they are built according to the plan and to evaluate workmanship are also being called building inspectors. But these inspectors are private contractors and not government employed persons. A home inspector conducts home inspection to examine the conditions of a house and hands over a written report to the owner giving their findings. His findings will only determine the current condition of the house but will not guarantee the future condition of the house. A home inspector does not determine the value of a property but it determines the condition of a structure.
Building Inspectors are certified as residential or commercial building inspectors or as plumbing, electrical or mechanical inspectors. In some countries a contract to purchase a house has to include a contingency to say that the contract is not valid until the buyer verifies the condition of the property through a home inspector or other agent.
The pre-purchase building inspection in Sydney generally applies to newly built buildings. This gives a buyer the option to inspect the property prior to closing the deal.
The pre-purchase building inspection ensures that all terms of the contract has been met and the building is completed to a large extent. During the inspection, the buyers along with a representative of the builder may be accompanied by a home inspector. During the inspection a list of defects are taken note of and prior to closing of the deal a second inspection too would be conducted to ensure defects are being attended to. In the case of a re-sale of a house the buyer is given an opportunity to inspect the home prior to closing of the deal to ensure that all repairs have been carried out. This type of inspection is often called as final walk through. But it should be noted that better inspection for a newly built home would be to inspect it from the initial stage of construction that is from the foundation laying stage.
When buying a house, a building inspection & report would bring excellent value for money. This would enable a buyer to save money by avoiding costly problems as well as in the negotiations.