Architecture And Its History

Looks over health, people choose to look better, at the expense of a good health. The human brain or our state of mind is designed to feel that we need to look better than anything. So if we turn pages of history from the earliest man to the modern human, they try to feel great, be great and to look great. Wanting to look better had made people to invent things, design things, and create things; in order to achieve that mortal beauty. So the technology developed in many fields.

Housing architecture

It’s one of the things that developed gradually but which has been able to impact mankind’s ‘search for beauty’. Briefly explaining, housing architecture, is planning, designing and creating surroundings to look better, either to look more natural or even an out of the world artificial look.Brief history

Architecture as mentioned above, runs back to the most ancient history, but it didn’t undergo a very rapid development, as “art isn’t for developing- it’s only for uniqueness”. But the technology used for producing these art developed in a faster motion. Egyptian, Romans the empires regarded as the greatest in the ancient history, were famous for their architecture too. The Egyptian pyramids and the Roman churches are some of those creations Pyramids and the Romain churches are some of those creations. Even though these stand- out creations appear to be religious or political, it is too believed that there too were creations which didn’t last long as pyramids, which were used by the ordinary man. Even though the pyramids used stones and sands for production or the gold used for Lima’s houses, some geological elements like marble slabs in Sydney are too used for the production of famous buildings like Taj Mahal and Washington monument of America.

Moving on from the history back to the present, architectural designs are not limited to religious or memorable buildings, but also a common man’s house too can look wonderful. Artificial materials are designed to look natural, which are long lasting too; to help off with architecture. Tiles made to look exactly like timber, greens, marble or even moving water are designed today to suit various pleasures of looks.

Architecture the key

It is the key formula for man to build better constructions. So it’s not only spread in developed countries like USA or European countries but in countries like Sri Lanka and India of south Asia. Various institutes have been established to teach the basics of pure architecture today and also various profit -based organizations to help people in designing. So a conclusion can be introduced as, the better housing architecture, better the man’s happiness towards their completion of getting to look better.